Sunday, January 19, 2014

No room at the inn .... ANY INN

We are pretty spontaneous when time allows .... Sometimes even when time does not allow.

A recent reservation issue, a non-spontaneous sojourn I might add, tickled our memory about a former trip along the same Treasure Road we were currently exploring.

It was a Saturday morning when we loaded ourselves into the car and pointed it northeast toward Vermont. Our intent was to explore our Treasure Road to the North and East of Burlington Vermont. We stopped in fair Haven at the Soldier, a small diner in the business district no larger than an alleyway between buildings, for some of their home made hash. A side of a eggs and a tomato juice too of course.

As we sat at a booth near the front window we watched the sun come up. It was mid May but the heat was already turned up to June with a promise of July. Well the short of it is that we decided to drive out to Wells Maine to some treasure hunting, dip a toe in the Atlantic, and spend a night.

It is often our burden to get side tracked on these jaunts, taking this or that spur of Treasure Road into some barely inhabited hill or valley. This day was no different and after several such side trips we arrived in Wells at dusk. Much to our amazement motel after motel had hung out no vacancy signs. In fact we drove from York to Rock Beach, some 50 miles further North without finding a vacancy. Turns out there was a Shriner's Convention and every room was full despite this being the off, or shoulder season.

We turned the car toward the west, found Route 4, and headed home after eating lightly at a local spot whose name has dripped away from my memory.

Now, some might call the whole affair a bummer, an example of poor planning, even the result of unorganized activity. they might even be right if they do not travel a Treasure Road. For us however this was simply another adventure, a long side journey, part of the story of our Treasure Road.

Oh .... and the day was also a success. We found a box of 16 Fenton Glass Tumble Ups in a dusty old barn at the top of a Vermont Mountain. Although not one of the originals a similar example can be seen here,

Treasure Road always reveals surprises worth the journey.

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